Stained Glass Flower Repair/Restore

I am always prepared on any given day for what may walk through the doors of my beautiful studio! I am, however, not always prepared for the beautiful story that comes attached to a repair commission.

Some time ago my client contacted me inquiring about a repair she needed. She did not go into great detail. I gathered the necessary details...size of piece, condition, whether or not the piece could be brought into the studio. She said she would get it to me and she did.

She arrived and she was very emotional and began telling me the meaning and story behind this Stained Glass Flower. I became immediately attached to this broken, neglected piece. I felt honored, as I always do, to be the one who gets to fix it! I was deep into a repair commission at the time and had a lot going on with an upcoming vendor festival. My heart and mind and 100% of everything about me was dedicated to the commission I was working on.

Flower took to her new temporary spot here in the studio. She was placed on a floor easel and I assured her that her time was soon. That I would take care of her until then. That she was safe and not to worry.

Her time came! Just a few days ago actually! I began by removing her old frame that was in distress. Falling apart and in the process of removal i noticed some rot. It pained me to discover it because the client loves the original frame as much as she loves the stained glass! So I knew I had to try and remedy that as much as possible.

I set the frame aside while I focused on the Stained Glass repair. She came apart during demolition very nicely. I disassembled the old lead came and began the cleaning/restoring process of the glass. It all cleaned pretty good. There were a few portions that did not and so I knew I would need to replace that area. I replaced the broken and un-restorable portion of the original clear hammered glass with a clear textured leaf glass. This piece was textbook! She was cooperative and her repair and restore was so simple!

Moving on to the framing restore. I spent a lot of time chiseling away at all of the old putty/glue/cement that had made it itself right at home through all of the years! I sanded away on all of the rotted wood hoping that it was somewhat superficial and not completely throughout the entire frame. It was superficial and so I was able to restore the entire frame! It took hours of chiseling and days of sanding and scraping and in the end I built an additional framed wood support to set inside of the interior part of the old frame. It ensures a reinforced structure for the Stained Glass. It turned out beautiful!

Flower did not want to go into her new old frame when it was time. She struggled a bit so I made some adjustments and she finally cooperated. I allowed for the new frame and Flower to sit together over night before I continued on with securing it all!

In the end, she is fully repaired and the framing that my client so loves was fully restored and reinforced structurally! She is strong! and clean! She shines beautifully like Stained Glass should! I am very proud of her and can not wait for her person to come take her back home next week! It is where she belongs! She is an inspiration to my client. She served as that through my clients battle with Cancer. She went into her battle broken. Sick. Needing fixed. And she looked at her broken neglected stained glass piece everyday. It reminded her to pray. To Fight. To Live. She did! In remission she wanted to have Flower repaired. And so it is.

It was an honor to repair her.

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