Custom Monogram Repair

Every once in a while a client comes in with the impossible! The completely broken and neglected. The piece that needs so much work. The glass needs to be restored. Much of the Glass will also need replaced. New Glass will need to be reintroduced.

I have to gain creative freedom from the client for any aesthetic or structural changes that will need to happen. And I tell myself every time, I say "Charis, NO! No more repairs. No more restores." But I then connect with my client and their story and their unmentioned doubt in me. Their hidden underestimation. And my soul rejoices and dances in the possibility before me!

My latest Commission was everything above! Huge! 6ft x 5ft! Broken! Neglected! I knew the changes that were going to have to happen just by looking at it for the very first time. The client was hesitant about changes. Hesitant to trust me, as most clients with repair needs are. They are attached to what it used to be. Some are aware of my work which is why they chose me to fix the broken! Some have no idea who I am and what I can do!

I give 100% of everything about myself to every commission. The hours are long. It is a lot of very hard work. I learn so many things about myself and about the Art every single time! I heal. I grow.

This piece is special in so may ways! It will be here in my Studio through the first week of October 2020 if you would like to come see it in person! She will then be going back to her forever home with her forever person!

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